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My journal is friends only, only because I would like to know who is reading this. Everyone is welcome!

About myself: I love, love, love, nice weather. I feel like I die every winter and am born again in the spring. I am in college, majoring in biology. I want to work with the polar bears and/or starfish. I do a lot of thinking. While I do this thinking I listen to various music. I also love stories, so like movies, books, that type of thing. I love animals too. And aquariums and museums. I love to laugh and I love people who make me laugh, that's the best. I also love my friends but I don't have a lot. I have fears like everyone does, and sometimes they get the best of me.

I'm scared, actually legitimately terrified, of the future. I wish you could grab hold of time and keep it in between your fingers so it could never take another thing away from you.

In case I don't see you again,

good morning
good afternoon
and goodnight!
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