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I want to feel your insides' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
I want to feel your insides

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[14 Feb 2009|12:07am]
I like to sleep because my dreams are better than reality
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[27 Oct 2008|11:02pm]
theres gotta be more to life than this
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[16 Oct 2008|11:24pm]
whats funny is time keeps ticking
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[19 Jun 2008|11:03pm]
My hair smells really good but there's no one to smell it.
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[21 May 2008|12:13am]

To feel alive, you _________________.

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[19 May 2008|07:40pm]

Will somebody fucking kill me please
I'm on my knees
pretty pretty please
kill meeeee
I want to die
put a bullet in my heeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaadddddd

how I wish you could see the potential,
the potential of you and me.

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My feedback to Livejournal [16 May 2008|08:39pm]

I recently became aware that as of May 12th, no new accounts may be "basic". This really irritates me as a user of Livejournal for 8 years now. I have loved how this website reaches out to all people and helps connect us in a way that was never possible before. This felt like a safe, secure environment. More recently I have noticed Livejournal undergo many changes and expand to growing demands of the consumers. Some of these changes, like ceasing the use of codes in order to create a journal, or making customizing the look of the journal easier with S2, have been beneficial and haven't affected us senior users. However, one modification has really unnerved me. I decided to create a new personal journal, put the old one in the past. I was appalled when I found out I could not switch from plus to basic, contrary to the "change account type any time" notice. Why must I absolutely HAVE to have advertisements shoved in my face? Aren't they everywhere already? The ruin the look of my overrides and disrupt my preferred settings..Why is Livejournal just about the money now? I read that Livejournal defended this decision with "most people use plus anyway" but OBVIOUSLY, when it's the default setting. I am very upset with this website and I do not feel like LJ is about the people anymore...It's about the caash. I know that a lot of people are upset with this happening. Hey LJ team!- You are sending a message and people are GETTING it. I really hope you change this mindset, Livejournal. It is a slap in the face to know that because I am not a paid member, I am wasting your time by not wanting to look at ads plastered all over my journal page.

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[12 Mar 2008|12:10am]


Tick tock

I'm tired of waiting for something to happen.

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[11 Mar 2008|04:39pm]

My journal is friends only, only because I would like to know who is reading this. Everyone is welcome!

About myself: I love, love, love, nice weather. I feel like I die every winter and am born again in the spring. I am in college, majoring in biology. I want to work with the polar bears and/or starfish. I do a lot of thinking. While I do this thinking I listen to various music. I also love stories, so like movies, books, that type of thing. I love animals too. And aquariums and museums. I love to laugh and I love people who make me laugh, that's the best. I also love my friends but I don't have a lot. I have fears like everyone does, and sometimes they get the best of me.

I'm scared, actually legitimately terrified, of the future. I wish you could grab hold of time and keep it in between your fingers so it could never take another thing away from you.

In case I don't see you again,

good morning
good afternoon
and goodnight!
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